Week 11 Reflection

This week was good for being able to look at what policies my school/district already has in place. As a small Catholic school, our district is the Archdiocese of Anchorage. Because we’re on Kodiak Island, we’re removed from the other schools in our district, which can make things interesting.

This week I discovered we did not have an AUP for our students to sign. However, aside from last school year, our school has not been using an extreme amount of technology. Last year, students (second-eighth graders) did complete a digital citizenship course online. After completing the course, students were awarded a certificate. Despite this course, some students had difficulty being appropriate with technology.

My colleagues’ policy needs seemed more focused on a BYOD policy, which could stem from acceptable use policies, especially if that school/district’s AUP already contains a section concerning students’ own devices. From my colleagues and my own experiences, I can say that there seem to be challenges – Challenges with administration challenges in creating new policies, etc. Personally, it could be a challenge to involve the colleagues at my school become a part of writing the policy. Last year, I was the go-to if a colleague needed assistance. This year, I hope my colleagues will embrace the technology more and help our school move forward to utilizing more emerging technologies.