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  1. Margaret- That is great that you want to include the Kindergartners as well. I think it is important for them to start learning even if they are that young. That is important to know how to use technology online. Yes technology should be updated and students should have access to updated technology so they know how to use it once they get into the real world. I hope this goes through for you.


  2. You are very knowledgeable about your schools technology plan. You have recognized that it needs to be updated and that sustainability is an important part of that update. I like that your technology unit plan can be used with any subject. The Digital Wish Grant and Go Fund Me Campaign sound very promising for your 1 to 1 proposal. I hope you get it!


  3. I really like how your school has certain standards when it comes to computers with each grade level. Last year I oversaw middle school study hall, and during that time the 7th graders have to take typing 2 days a week, it was ridiculous to see that many of them had no idea how to type. Even by the end of the year 72 days of typing 20 minutes a day doesn’t seem to do much good, at least for this group, so they are going to be in it again this year. I guess maybe it’s because of all the texting these days because when we were younger it was more about the chatting on computers so typing seemed to come more naturally. I also like how you explained how different students at different levels could use technology in different subjects, good proposal!

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  4. You have done your homework on your school’s technology position; both visionally and devices. I love Google docs for reduction of paperwork as well, being able to leave comments back to students is fun as well. Good luck getting the devices for your students.


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