Week 10 Reflection

To say that learning about ‘crafting’ with technology was interesting would be putting it lightly. The experience was very enlightening. Though I had known some of the ‘crafts’ were possible, I hadn’t realized to quite what extent they were possible nor how the technology surrounding them had grown.

When doing my searching for additional resources, I struggled this week. I had difficulty finding topics that were different from those in the resources given. It wasn’t until exploring others’ blogs that I was able to see what other types of crafts could be made with technology, notably wearable technology.

Though I see promise behind this type of technology, it is something I would need to become more familiar with before implementing in my classroom. One site had a teacher using the technology in a MakerClub after school. That is the way I would want to start. I would want students to explore it with me and be comfortable. I am a crafter – I love making things: scrapbooking, quilting, crocheting, etc. I am not an artist. When posting with Tristan, I was able to relate to the fact that this could be something to help students with their self-efficacy and become more creative without having to draw something. Students who may struggle with other areas of art or crafting could take off when using this type of art. There are many possibilities, but first, more research or hands on training with students.