Week 8 Reflection

This week was big for me in leading the Twitter chat and being able to explore that more. It was quite the interesting experience for me. I’ve never been too big on Twitter, and still find myself frustrated with it. However, I can better see the usefulness of it after participating in these chats for class. My problem is attempting to get what I want to say in the number of characters and still having room for the hashtag. I can see how this helps keep the chat moving and gets the most valuable ideas out there.

I’ve always been a teacher who wants my students to have fun while learning. I try to keep high energy and high engagement in the classroom. I have fun and love work, so it is my hope that they love what they’re doing and coming to school. Game-based learning is not something that is new to me, nor to the world of education. However online games for game-based learning are becoming more prevalent.

I have found that when I do a simple Google search to find games to do in the classroom, the results are primarily online games from different resources. I’ve checked out a few but not all, so I’m not sure how educational or useful some of the games are. Some of them seem to be games that are based on the lowest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, knowledge, and do not reach for the higher areas like synthesis and evaluation.

After playing Minecraft, I can see that it has many benefits to classroom application. However, I’m still not totally convinced in placing it in my classroom. I see that it has value and usefulness; however, I still need to do some learning to make sure that I am using the game effectively as a teacher. We’ve learned about so many emerging technologies in this class, and there are others that I would like to implement in my classroom and school before starting to think about Minecraft.