Week 7 Reflection

This week I was amazed to learn all about 3D printers and their capabilities. Further, I was astounded to learn about the advances already taking place with these printers, especially in regards to the medical field and printing houses/food/cars. Quite simply, the capabilities of 3D printers amaze me. I was able to find through research and think of many exciting ways to apply a 3D printer into my classroom. Possibilities seem to be endless and can be connected to any subject area.

I was unable to make the twitter chat this week; however, I was able to read the transcript provided to check out others’ comments (thanks, Lee!). So far, it seems the biggest concern is money to purchase the original printer. From my research, it doesn’t seem that additional printing supplies cost too much. I found it convenient that LeapFrog provides a printer with a curriculum. This would be incredibly useful when learning how to use the device and making sure you get your students to experience it right away.

Ideally, I would love to have a 3D printer. I think it would go great in a Makerspace or for students who have finished work early. Students can print their own inventions and go through a trial and error process to figure out what would work best. It’s like the process of guessing and checking for math. If students knew they would be able to do this, they might be more motivated to finish classwork in a timely manner. Plus, I have students that would stay on task more. It could also be beneficial for a science fair. Instead have a technology fair. Students have to engineer and print something that works. Less copying from the internet and more turning their own ideas into reality.

From my peers, I learned that many of us were new to 3D printing, with most of us only experiencing it through what we had seen on TV (Grey’s Anatomy) or not at all. I love the idea that Marie presented of using a 3D printer to resurrect/create native tools that students could hold/touch/use. The past wouldn’t be as foreign to us anymore because we would be able to hold it in our hands.