Week 5 Reflection

I really enjoyed this week. Because we were tasked with designing something, each person’s blog was unique with a different device. Though I missed the additional thoughts I would gain from others’ blogs, I had so much run reading everyone’s creative ideas. I feel I was able to engage with others more deeply this week by discussing their designs and additional features/models their devices could be or have. I remember reading about the task for this week and my mind drawing a blank. My brain was empty and I felt deterred by the task, yet as I worked with my summer enrichment students, I was able to design a device. Reading about my colleague’s designs further opened up my creativity. I was able to see all the possibilities that the Internet of Things had to offer, not only for my classroom but for the world.

This week my additional thoughts came from the Twitter Chat, most notably, from a conversation I had with Tristan about privacy. It began when the idea of a sensor for off task students could alarm the teacher or students. It then became a much bigger issue of privacy for students and how far can be too far with these devices. While I don’t know how far is too far, I do know I don’t want to invade my students’ privacy. I know this about myself and knew it before the chat. My realization came from the fact that the Internet of Things will make it easier to access private matters. I think I already realized it, but I didn’t realize how out of control it could get. Of course, when thinking about a sensor for off task students, I thought about one student in particular, who can abuse the privileges of technology. To me, it then became about responsibility and consequences. Each situation and student is different, but it taught me that I might need to be more engaging when teaching this student in order to help him stay on task and use the technology in a responsible way in the classroom.