Week 4 Reflection

The biggest thing I’ve learned about myself this week is that I really rely on my colleagues’ blogs to help me get a full picture of what the topic is that week. I do my research, and I my brain seems to be all over the place. When I do my blog, I am synthesizing what I’ve learned and the best applications I see. However, when I read other’s blogs, I start to think about things that I hadn’t previously and wished I had researched for my initial blog post. For example this week, I was so amazed by the idea of makerspaces that my additional research looked into how to look on up. I didn’t think to research on age appropriate/maturity appropriate makerspaces and safety in makerspaces until I read someone else’s blog; I believe it was Mia’s.

As I learn about new emerging technologies each week, I am amazed by all that is out there, right at my finger tips. I am so excited to try one of these ideas to my classroom next year. In fact, I’d love to try most of them; however, I know that is not realistic. Though I love the idea of a makerspace, I prefer it much more as a school-wide sanctuary for all students to use during free time, after school, or before school. There are other technologies we’ve discussed that I’m more excited about.

This week was more difficult for me, especially in regards to the twitter chat. As I mentioned, I am amazed by the idea of a makerspace, but I had a harder time connecting to it than other ideas, like a flipped classroom. The makerspaces didn’t speak to me quite as much as other research I read in past weeks. It was difficult for me to participate in blogs and twitter this week because of that. My thoughts were all over the place, but my heart wasn’t feeling it. I really appreciated others’ comments and enjoyed others’ blogs that helped me organize my thoughts; however, makerspaces were not something that came easily to me this week. My biggest learning came from observing the twitter chat and seeing my colleague’s thoughts. In taking a step back, I felt I understood the concept more and that’s where my learning took place.