Week 3 Reflection

When I began this week with my research on flipped classroom, there were so many thoughts running through my head. I really liked the idea of the flipped classroom and the more I read, the more I saw more positives to the model than negatives. However, my classroom is already primarily student-centered, so I was conflicted on how to incorporate this new model into my classroom. The examples I was reading were centered on high school classrooms. I reflected on my own high school experience and realized the benefit a flipped classroom could have had on me as a student. I could see it working in our middle school classroom/upper grades at my school, but I was still struggling with implementation in my own classroom. Much of my research was centered on what a flipped classroom would like like, the pros and cons, and the learning cycle for the flipped classroom. It wasn’t until the twitter chat, engaging with my colleagues and reading others’ blogs that I began to see how this could work in my classroom.

With the help of others, I was able to discover multiple ways that I could implement a flipped classroom model into my class. One such way was through subjects like social studies and science, subjects that I teach with a whole class. In class, students would have more time for hands on projects. Another way was through making videos and having students watch them as one center in the learning groups that my class already had – leaving me time to better help students who need assistance.

Through my interaction with Tristan, we both thought the idea of higher achieving students (or in her case, older students) making videos for their peers. Their videos would help mentor the students if they needed additional help understanding the task. Plus, it would help students review topics over which they might need a refresher. Eventually, you might be able to have students make videos over topics that have just been covered to extend that knowledge. You would then have a library of student made videos, as well as your own teacher-made videos.

There was a high level of learning for me this week. My understanding for so many things was extended, especially when it comes to how best to reach my students and make their learning meaningful. Though I still have concerns and I know incorporating a flipped classroom will take work and effort, I am hopeful that I can make some changes in my classroom in the coming year.