Week 2 Reflection

I’ve learned much this week about open learning as it emerges in today’s education world. Most notably, I’ve learned that each school is in a different place when it comes to adopting open education and blended learning experiences for students. Further, while I am still learning about these emerging pedagogies, there are other teachers who have had less experience or no experience with open learning. To see where my colleagues are at and their schools/districts are at with open learning has given me a new appreciation for the experiences I’ve been able to have.

I am extremely grateful for the experiences I’ve had. There is still much for me to learn, especially with incorporating open learning and monitoring students progress. I found one way that worked pretty well when it came to Khan Academy this past year, but I am positive there are more effective ways. I am also extremely grateful that I work at a school that has the freedom to explore these newer ideas and a co-principal who has background in technology to help facilitate my learning.

As I read others’ blogs, I was excited to learn about other online resources that they had found useful for their classes. I always get a wonderful feeling when I can connect with others that way. I also enjoyed reading about the ways others engage their students in open learning. Overall it was a great week of learning and processing and moving toward incorporating more open learning/blended learning experiences for my students, especially with summer school starting this week. 🙂