Week 1 Reflection

As teachers, we strive to grow and be the best possible teachers for our students. This means keeping in tune with all that goes on in the world of education, including all the emerging technologies out there. Reflecting on this week and what I’ve learned from others, a common theme for me is the challenges we all face when it comes to emerging technologies. The challenges from funds to parent concerns or even professional development in using emerging technologies effectively.

When discussing emerging technologies, the common thread seems to be that many people are trying to define it – like many other things in this world – and the term continues to evolve. For me, the biggest thing I’m taking away this week is that technology, with many things in life, is a balancing act, and we must use it responsibly. Further, I’ve learned that there’s quite a bit I can learn as a professional and how I currently use emerging technology in my classroom. I’ve learned a bit from my classmates and the resources I read this week. It’s comforting to know that the answers are there at my fingertips through technology, and with those answers, I can become a more effective teacher.


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